About Us


       What We Believe

      Ms. Alice Lau, the founder of Scholar & Co.,  believes in life-long love of learning and global education.  Her ideology originates from her successful experience in planning for her two sons' education.  Both of her sons studied at Peddie School, USA, after finishing Form 3 in La Salle College, Hong Kong. The elder son majored in the Management Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon University, after which he went on for an exchange program in Tsinghwa University, Beijing for a year. Currently,  he is working in an investment bank in Hong Kong.  The younger son majored in Economics at The University of Chicago and exchanged at the Peking University, Beijing for a year.  He previously worked for a global leading Management Consulting firm in the Asian headquarter in Shanghai, and now in a Private Equity firm in Hong Kong.   In the current trend of globalization, it is more important than ever to  be educated with an international scope.    Coupled with the whole-person development, a life-time passion for learning is one of the most valuable and fruitful rewards of a U.S. education.   All of the growth contributes to the attributes of a Scholar.   We are educators helping students to live the lives of Scholars and to become global leaders in our lasting mission.  

Our Strengths

Our goal in helping students enjoy a life nurturing education in the United States is built on the foundation of: 

  • High level of expertise
  • Strong network with the American schools

  • Genuine interest in students' success

Scholar & Co. is honored to be in partnership with the former Dean of Admissions and College Counseling of Peddie School, NJ, U.S.A.  Peddie School is one of the premier boarding schools in the USA.  This exceptional team provides educational advising services to students to gain admissions to the finest boarding schools and universities in the United States.

The U.S. and Hong Kong Educational Institutions

Ms. Alice Lau has established strong relationships with educational institutions in Hong Kong and in the United States.  She is a sought after speaker and a resource for admission officers recruiting in Hong Kong and Mainland China. 

  •       For 7 years, Ms. Alice Lau represented and assisted in the admissions and development work in Hong Kong for Peddie School, N.J. U.S.A.  She interviewed students in Beijing, guided students in their applications and helped get U.S. students' visas.  She was invited to join the Board of Trustees in 2005. 

  •      For 5 years, Ms. Lau was invited to be the guest speaker at the official TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools) Boarding Schools Fair in Hong Kong.  Topics included “Why boarding schools?" and “How to choose a boarding school?" etc.

  •       For 3 consecutive years, she was an active member of the La Salle College Parent-Teacher Association and the Chair-person in organizing different events.

Awards and a Pioneer

Ms. Lau began her work in education in 1993.  She founded Alice in ComputerLand, an Information Technology consulting and training company.   She was awarded "The Most Creative Mentor" by the Hong Kong Government. Her creativity helps contribute to  the success of the students applying for the US colleges and schools.

Ms Lau was the first who introduced web technology to the schools in Hong Kong.  For 2 consecutive years, she led the winning teams and received the Championship Award and the Most Creative Award in the Web Design Competitions from the former Hong Kong Chief Executive, Sr. Donald Tsang.   Her contribution to leading and promoting IT education garnered significant media attention.   She was also the first to introduce the computer robotics program to Hong Kong schools to encourage students' logical thinking and creativity. The popularity, again, attracted massive media coverage.  She also helped promote and develop the U.S. boarding school market in mainland China.  Ms. Lau previously worked as the Management Information Consultant at Arthur Andersen & Co. (now renamed as Accenture), and received the President's Award from another world's biggest multi-national company in New York, "in recognition for the exceptional performance above and beyond normal work requirements,"  in managing a SAP computer project across the Pacific Region.  With extensive professional experience, complex problem solving skills and resourceful research, Ms. Lau led various innovative projects in Hong Kong and China.


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