U.S. Higher Education Seminar, 30/8/2010 ended.  Thank you for coming!


      At every U.S. Higher Education Seminar we organized,  100% of our guests indicated on the Feedback Form that  the Seminar had been helpful to them in applying to schools in the U.S.A.  Thank you for the support.  

 Here are the comments:        

"The best U.S. educational consulting company in town!" - Mr. Chan, Mr. Wang

 "Felt that the Seminar had broadened my horizons."  - Mr. Ng

"Detailed information and personal sharing." - Student Chung  

 "Very helpful."  - Mr. Chan

 "Great!  Very Good!" - Ms. Lui, Mr. Lau, Mr. Chow

 "Rich content."   - Mr. Jim

 "Detailed, informative."  - Mr. Yiu,  Student Jim

 "Provided practical and useful guidance in applying to schools in the States."  Mrs. Leung

 "Useful and interesting." - Ms. Chu  "Practical."  - Ms. Tseng  "Informational." - Student Wang  

 "Gratified, especially with parent's sharing."  - Ms. Chan, Miss Ip

 "The Seminar was interesting and practical.  It will definitely help in the future."  - Mr. Yiu




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