Our Services


     Trusted widely by parents and schools, Scholar & Co. is specialized in the U.S. education. We provide independent, one-on-one and highly individualized advising services for students applying to U.S. boarding schools or universities.   The duration can be as long as one year.  We supervise every step in the application process as each single step can affect a student's admission chance.    

1.   Careful review of personal records and assessment the student's ability, talent and aspiration.

2.   Extensive research and matching of the student's needs with appropriate schools. 

3.   Review options with the student and/or family through discussion of the pros and cons of each school for the student.

4.   Selecting schools that are best fits, places where they not only find intellectual challenges, but where they can also flourish and grow.

5.   Coordinating including on-going communication with the family and other related persons.

6.   Advising the student and the family through the applications, visits, interviews, and other aspects for admission to schools.

7.   Group discussions to strategize and stretch the student's potential to the maximum.  

8.   Guiding students to choose essay topics and commenting on the essays.

9.   Finding good reasons what students can gain the most from and contribute the most to the school.

10.  Talent search such as sports, art and community services, via approaching coaches or preparing an art portfolio.

11.  Teaming of ideas and approaches by more than one educational consultants for better effects.

12.  Recommendations on taking standardized tests (excluding training courses.)

13.  Advice on whom to invite to write the reference letters.

14.  Tracking the student's progress.

15.  Scrutinization of the applications.

16.  Advice to ensure  the successful delivery of all application documents and result records on time.

17.  Advocating for the student in an unbiased manner, when appropriate.

18.  Assistance in making final decision to enroll.   

19.  Suggestion about campus visits, if possible.

20.  Suggestion about summer courses in preparation for the new school year, if needed.


Please note:

A.  Applying to U.S. schools takes tremendous amount of preparation time.   Please start as early as possible.   The standardized tests can be extremely difficult for non-native English speaking students.

B.  We offer clients the options to choose comprehensive package or hourly consultation to meet your needs.