From a U.S. Boarding School to a U.S. University (Peddie School to the University
        of Chicago)


        If you want to know more about U.S. boarding school, please watch the alumnus sharing about Peddie School (in Chinese).



                                                                        The University of Chicago

The three years of boarding school in the U.S. has made Ronnie Tang, an extrovert and lively adolescent, even more energetic.   During his time abroad, he learned about self-discipline and independence.   With his outstanding performance, he got admitted into the University of Chicago.

Ronnie had been a student in La Salle College since primary school.   Initially, he did not plan to study abroad until he decided to follow his elder brother's education path in the U.S.   Boldly, he went to the U.S. as a Grade 9 student after finishing Form 3 at La Salle College.

Cannot Wake Up and Study at Night

Peddie School, the boarding school that Ronnie enrolled, is located in New Jersey.    Most international students, like Ronnie, live in the dormitory where strict regulations apply.   For example, one must register to visit the dormitory of the opposite sex and must not close the door if one is in the room; one must notify the supervisor before riding in a friend's car;  one must study from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. etc. Among all the regulations, Ronnie was most not used to the one that required students to sleep by 11 p.m.   "Sometimes when I wanted to revise after 11 p.m.,  I would have to wake up very early in the morning."  He confessed that the biggest difference in his daily life was that he needed to do his laundry on his own.  "To be honest, it is not hard at all to do the laundry but that sometimes I did it once every two weeks when I felt like being lazy." 

His roommate in the first year was a local American student.  Although the dorm life was in general happy, Ronnie decided to room with a friend from Hong Kong in his second year.   "There was just too much discrepancy between my lifestyle and my first year roommate's in many small details."   "Rooming with a Hong Kong roommate, I could always discuss Hong Kong films and pop songs with him."  Besides, his many Korean friends had also introduced him to numerous Korean dramas!  He met many friends from all over the world. 

Ronnie's campus life was very disciplined.   Every afternoon, he took part in his extra-curricular activities; after dinner, he did his homework and revision.   He said that the pressure from the academics was not as minimal as he had expected.   "Teachers cared a lot about our everyday homework, class participation and test performance.    We would not simply cram for the final examinations but always tried to catch up with the class."

The Sprinter and the Jazz Musician

Back in La Salle College, Ronnie was an active soccer player.   In the U.S., he picked up track for the first time in his life.   In such a short three years' time, he became an outstanding sprinter and even the Captain of the Track Varsity Team.   Interesting to know, apart from engaging in sports like most teenage boys do, Ronnie also enjoyed performing in the school jazz band!

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