Activity News: The U.S. Higher Education Seminar 2009  

      100% of our guests indicated on  the Feedback Form that the seminar had been helpful to them in applying to schools in the U.S.   Their comments were as follows:

“Very comprehensive.” - Mr. Tang

“Invaluable and thorough information on the U.S. education.” - Mrs. Lee

“Friendly and very informative.” - Ms. Fung

“Excellent!  The alumni’s sharing on their campus life made me really want to apply.  The host gave accurate messages.  It was amazing how the alumni could give such good views on their future at such a young age.  Fabulous!” - Mrs. Wong

“Good.  Informative.” - Miss Lau

“Nice and friendly.   A seminar without hard-selling.  Comprehensive information on U.S. boarding schools, rich content, an extra-ordinary seminar!” - Ms. Yau

“Sharing by alumni made us understand more about the American universities.” - Miss Ng

“Positive, especially the experience shared by the alumni.”




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