Activity News: The U.S. Higher Education Seminar 25/7/2010 ended.

      The Seminar was very well received.  Both sessions of the U.S. Higher Education Seminar were full.  Again, 100% of our guests indicated on the Feedback Form that the seminar had been helpful to them in knowing the U.S. schools.   We received much positive feedback as follows:

“Very informative, Very good.“  -  Ms. Ng, Miss Chu and Ms. Law

“Excellent!” - Mr. Cheng and Mr. Yu

“Rich information and content” - Ms. Yeung and Miss Lau

“Practical and useful.” - Ms .Yeung, Mr. Tang and Mrs. Kwan

“Simple and easy to follow.  Very good.”  - Mr. Lee

“Nice and friendly.” - Mrs. Lee

“Solid and relevant.” -  Mr. Chan

“Detailed description of different schools. The two alumni gave good comments to their schools.” - Mrs. Cheung

“The best part was the alumni’s testimonials of their alma matar.” - Mr. Wong

“Well organized!” - Ms. Kwok

“Solid and with experience sharing.” - Mr. Kwan

“Provided good insight into lives and experience in different schools, and a general idea of factors to keep in mind while choosing a right school. ” - Mr. Lo

“Presented a lot of information in a very short time. Concise.”

Seminar 2010

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