Why US Boarding Schools?
      They are for the finest students who strive for excellence, live with integrity and act with compassion!



1.  A Life Changing Experience - Not Only About an Education, But Also a Life Experience

U.S. boarding schools have high academic standards, high expectations on students and tight course schedules.  In such an environment, students grow and mature in different aspects.  In academics, they need to improve their English.  Outside classrooms, they need to actively participate in various extracurricular activities.  In social life, they need to mingle with the local community and fit into the American culture.  Living away from home, a boarding school student can master well the skills in self-discipline, time management, prioritization and maintaining a balanced life.  Through this learning experience, students become more persevering, independent, mature and confident.  The boarding life is not simply about an education, but also a life changing experience.  Students can be transformed!

2.   A Happy Learning Experience  

At a U.S. boarding school, learning is happy, thanks to the close relationships between students and faculty. The learning environment is intimate, interactive and inclusive.  Passionate in teaching, teachers are willing to teach until their students understand completely. They also design different courses for students with different abilities.  American education emphasizes independent thinking and encourages students to ask, analyze and conclude critically, hence training their ability to express themselves openly. All these are essential skills to survive and perform well in any walk of life. What is more, without requiring students to laboriously cram for knowledge, this interactive way of learning is highly interesting.  It can effectively elicit students' enthusiasm towards learning, motivating them to learn for life.

3.  Character Education   

Apart from acquiring academic knowledge, students studying in the U.S. receive a whole- person development and make correct judgments on values.  They learn to treat people with respect, manner, honesty, trust and care.  Education is not only the passing of knowledge, but also an inspiration to a life of wisdom.  It is about love, care and pride.   In the U.S., the teachers are close to their students, who are often cared, encouraged and praised.  On the one hand, the teachers' caring acts are a strong force driving students to excel in their academic career.  On the other hand, from interacting with their teachers, students gradually learn to treat other people with the same respectful, appreciating and caring attitude.

4.  Getting to A University   

Under the same education system and the support from the college counseling office, students applying to U.S. universities from a local boarding school have much higher admission chances than students from non-U.S. high schools. Besides, instead of determining a student's ability in one single examination, the American education system evaluates a student's qualities holistically, with multiple assessment methods such as his/her grades, class discussions, standardized tests scores, extracurricular activities, aspirations etc. A U.S. boarding school prepares students well for colleges, and also allows students to enjoy more in the process of learning.

5.  Whole Person Development   

What distinguishes a US education is to learn across the disciplines (liberal education). Students are encouraged to learn broad knowledge in different areas and a strong sense of values, ethics and civic engagement.  It is not only about reading and writing.  More importantly, students also need to develop inter-personal skills and essential personal qualities that can benefit one for life. These include a good conduct, leadership, a healthy lifestyle, time management, social skills, etc. Through building these attributes, one can establish friendships, expand his/her social network and develop perseverance, courage for challenges, a global vision and an optimistic way of life. Well equipped with these qualities, students enjoy an unprecedented level of independence and prepare them well for whatever challenge they undertake in universities and beyond.

Speech Given By Alice Lau at the TABS Boarding Schools Fair, Hong Kong